Becky’s Best Biker Bars and Cafes, Eastern Nebraska

In the northeastern corner of Nebraska you’ll find the little town of Decatur, Nebraska. Situated on the banks of the Missouri river, it’s the home of Pop n Doc’s Decatur Marina.

A sizeable amount of dirt was moved to create a large pond with a channel to the river. There’s a very nice boat ramp to launch and retrieve boats.

But, back to Pop n Doc’s marina. It’s got a great wooden deck with fabulous atmosphere for enjoying sunny summer weather. You can sit in the sun or kick back in the shade. I sat at a wooden counter on a bar stool. There was a sizeable dog sleeping on the floor at my feet. Just my kind of classy joint. The place was packed.

I had ridden my motorcycle about 125 miles to get here and I was as hungry as a cub bear on a crash diet. It was 1:30 pm and I hadn’t eaten since yesterday. They had fried walleye on the menu. Walleye is a wonderful fresh water fish commonly found in northern deep blue waters. I ordered the Walleye with fries and cole slaw for $10.95. That’s considerably less than the going rate for this delectable dish.

I hadn’t been seated very long when my food arrived. Served in a classic red plastic basket, it was a lot of food. There must have been 7 pieces of fish, properly fried in corn meal. Sorry, no photos of the food. I was super hungry and don’t operate photographic equipment with greasy hands. This was no dish for a knife and fork.

Considering the terrific food, nice view and wonderful outdoor deck, is a must stop for women riding motorcycles or even men riding motorcycles. I guess you could arrive in a car or pickup, as well.

Decatur is also a crossing spot to get over the Missouri river on a “see-through” bridge. That’s right, you can look down as you go over and see the river below. The riding surface is a metal grate. Quite an adventure.